The Fred Hollows Foundation celebrates its first anniversary in Hong Kong with significant milestones in the region, including the launch of new projects in Yunnan, Hebei and Anhui Provinces in China. These projects will provide eye services to more than 100,000 patients.

Head of Hong Kong Dr. Anson Wong says, “Support from corporates, philanthropists and the Hong Kong public is essential in providing a solid platform to outreach to the needlessly blind in the region.”

He added that the Hong Kong office will continue to expand and further strengthen its base as the fundraising hub for The Foundation in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, through headcount expansion and partnership with local universities on research.

Established in 1992, The Fred Hollows Foundation works to prevent avoidable blindness by building capacity from village health centres to regional hospitals and national ophthalmological networks.

More than 32 million people in the world are blind and 30% are found in Asia. China alone has the largest burden of global blindness, accounting for 20%.

The Hong Kong office has actively engaged with the corporate sector and launched its first face-to-face fundraising team, connecting further with the local community.

Four out of five people who are blind don’t need to be and The Fred Hollows Foundation has demonstrated sight can be restored for as little as $HK150 in some countries.

Dr. Wong added, “The Fred Hollows Foundation has helped to restore sight to more than 2 million people worldwide. The Hong Kong office will continue to work proactively in Asia and bring changes to people’s lives while working with the private sector.”