Today, The Fred Hollows Foundation proudly unites with over 50 Australian aid organisations to stand up for a fair go for all.

We’re calling on all Australians to join us in celebrating the life-changing contribution Australian Aid makes to people in our region and around the world.  

Australian aid continues to help The Fred Hollows Foundation to deliver sight-saving surgery to thousands of people. Four out of five people who are blind right now don’t have to be – and Australian aid helps us to do something about that.

But Australia’s aid budget has suffered from successive cuts year. The 3.7 billion cut announced by the Federal Government last year means Australian aid has been cut by 20 per cent. It followed an earlier $7.6 billion cut from the federal budget in May 2014, which aid agencies were already struggling to cope with.

This dramatic reduction of $11.3 billion means:
  • Australian aid is now less than 1% of all government expenditure. It’s a tiny amount and we can do better.
  • Cuts to Australian Aid mean that we now gives less in aid than countries like Portugal.           Australia is now number 19 out of 28 developed countries.
  • The Australian Government has now cut ¼ of Australian Aid funding.
  • Australian Aid is now at the lowest ever level since records began in 1954. Australian aid makes an incredible difference in the lives of people across our region, and across the world. Now is a critical time for us to stand up for this life changing work.
If you believe everyone has the right to sight, to have basic opportunities, to live a decent life, join us to stand up for Australian Aid.

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