Den's Story

82-year-old Tran Thi Den has almost everything she needs to live a healthy independent life – until her world became dark because of cataract. Den’s blurry vision slowly started to chip away at her independence.

Suharni's Story

Three years ago, Suharni's sight started to rapidly deteriorate. Without the support of kind people like yourself, Suharni could have become permanently blind. She wouldn’t have been able to see the faces of her loved ones.

David's Story

When you meet 7-year-old David, you can’t help but smile. But two years ago, David developed cataract in both eyes and was unable to go to school and play soccer. Like many Kenyan families, David's family could not afford to get the surgery that David so needed.

Salid’s story

Salid from Lao PDR was born a healthy child. By the age of three, his eyes started to turn milky white because of cataract. If his condition was not treated in time, he could have been blind for life. Unfortunately, his mother couldn't find a way to help him.

Mbugua’s story

Mary had big dreams for her son, Mbugua, but when Mbugua was only 3 years old, permanent blindness became a real threat to his future. When COVID came to their village, there was less work for Mary. Her stress and worry for her son escalated. How could she help her son?

The story of Grace and Nicholas


Joseph's Story

Born with multiple conditions including cataract on both eyes, Joseph grew up without any idea how the world looks like - not even his mother who stands by him 24/7. Joseph's blindness prevents him from moving independently. His mother Jonalyn has to carry him everytime he goes to school.

Story of Ngin

In Cambodia, a story like Ngin’s is not uncommon. Too many vulnerable Cambodians live in extreme poverty, many also have a disability and are at risk of permanent blindness. The poverty rates are double in Cambodian households which have a person with a disability.

Opening Hope for the future

Three childhood friends who grew up in Nepal have the friendship of a lifetime --- they married, raised children, and were enjoying their later years together when blindness struck them at the same time. Is this the fate of the good sisterhood?

Night's Story

With every day that passes, Night is brought closer and closer to permanent blindness.