Hao began to lose his sight when he was just five years old. He had to be led around by hand and sadly, this meant he couldn’t go to school anymore. His father stopped working to care for him, and Hao, who was once a happy cheeky boy, became shy and quiet. His father feared Hao would die.
Hao and his father travelled to visit the only ophthalmologist in their province who worked in a clinic built by The Fred Hollows Foundation. It was their last hope. Luckily, Hao was able to have the cataract surgery he needed.
But when his patches came off, Hao still couldn’t see. When his father called out to him, Hao walked past him.
Everyone was heartbroken.
Thankfully, over the coming days, Hao’s sight came back. When we returned to check on his progress, we were welcomed by Hao and his friends running down the hill behind their village. It was truly a great moment. Hao is now back at school and his father is also working again so he can support the family.
Thanks to donations like yours, Hao has a more positive life and a happier childhood ahead of him.
Before I thought my boy would die. It was so hard, and we could only think about our child. But the doctor has done it, now everything is as good as before. I am so very happy.”
- Hao's father
$25 can restore sight
$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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