Joseph's Story

Born with multiple conditions including cataract on both eyes, Joseph grew up without any idea how the world looks like - not even his mother who stands by him 24/7. Joseph's blindness prevents him from moving independently. His mother Jonalyn has to carry him everytime he goes to school.

Kipar's story

When Kipar's family discovered his sight was treatable, Kipar and his father walked 25km in the extreme Kenyan heat to save his eyesight.

Monica's Story

Monica is a 31-year-old single mum. Earlier this year, Monica found out something else: she had bilateral cataract. But her husband had left the family behind.

Night's Story

With every day that passes, Night is brought closer and closer to permanent blindness.

Opening Hope for the future

Three childhood friends who grew up in Nepal have the friendship of a lifetime --- they married, raised children, and were enjoying their later years together when blindness struck them at the same time. Is this the fate of the good sisterhood?

Reggie's story

His father died soon after losing his sight and Reggie feared the same thing would happen to him before he could pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

Ruth and Rosa's story

The sisters grew up with stories of their dad, Fred, but had no memories of him for their own. Experience them travel to Nepal to see his work up close for the first time.

Samlan and Sintham’s story

These twin boys were born blind from cataract, and without a sight saving operation, they could have been blind for life.

Sanduk Ruit's story

Fred’s old mate, a humanitarian and master surgeon who has performed more than 120,000 sight saving surgeries.

Sao's story

Before Sao went blind, she helped support her family by making grass bed mats. Sadly, Sao’s blindness now meant she couldn’t even walk anywhere by herself.