Shanice's Story

For a baby like Shanice, born in rural Kenya with cataract in both eyes, the stakes are especially high. She was facing an entire lifetime of permanent blindness.

Shashetu's story

Trachoma is at crisis levels in Ethiopia and Shashetu, a twenty-five year old mother of two, was in desperate need of a sight saving operation.

Shoua and Blong's Story

There was hardly any joy in their young lives and their future didn’t look too bright – they weren’t going to school, they had no friends to play with and would spend all day at home, dependent on their father for everything.

Simila's story

Simila wants to become a doctor, but she often has to stay home from school to help her mother.

Story of Nabiritha

Seven-year-old Nabiritha from Kenya has barely been able to see since birth. She has bilateral cataracts. All she can detect is light, and the dark shadows of objects near her eyes.

Story of Ngin

In Cambodia, a story like Ngin’s is not uncommon. Too many vulnerable Cambodians live in extreme poverty, many also have a disability and are at risk of permanent blindness. The poverty rates are double in Cambodian households which have a person with a disability.

Story of the Timbang family

12 cataract surgeries in one family - in one day

Story of Xiao Long

The family discovered Xiao Long had a problem with his vision when he was a baby. His father said Xiao Long would stare at objects like a light bulb for a long time. He would try to reach things but fail. Sometimes he would fall when he walked.

Sudip's story

All Sudip had been able to see for the past seven years were shapes and shadows, so when he heard his blindness was treatable, Sudip and his young wife walked for two days to get the help he needed.

The story of Grace and Nicholas