Aung and Lin's story


Cam's story


Cesaria's Story

蒲隆地不少失明兒童,過不了五歲生日的生日。幸好 Cesaria的祖母四處奔走,令她得到所需的治療。

Craig's story

An untreated cataract in a child like Craig means they can be blind for life. Sadly, for many Indigenous communities, access to quality eye care is still a challenge.

Eric's Story


Giap's story

Giap 是護瞳行動最具代表性的照片內的那個小男孩。Fred最後一次到訪越南的時候,Giap的父親正在盡最後的努力拯救兒子。

Hao's story

Hao went blind at just five. Once a cheeky kid, he became withdrawn and couldn’t go to school. His father feared Hao would die.

Hen Vin's story

This man has been through more than any of us can ever imagine – Cambodia’s tragic past, a landmine explosion and after all of that, cataract blindness



H'Nhi's story

H’Nhi’s mum wanted a better life for her only girl. So to get H'Nhi treatment for her cataract, her family had to borrow money just to get to the eye clinic.