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We believe in getting things done. In our mission to end avoidable blindness, we’re proud to say we now work in more than 25 countries and have restored sight to over two million people.
Africa Africa


There’s something truly special about Africa. While its natural beauty is second to none, many countries remain poverty stricken, and Africa continues to have the greatest need for a sustainable eye care workforce. 
South Asia South Asia

South Asia

Culturally rich and geographically spectacular, the countries of South Asia are home to a fifth of the world’s population. However, a majority of the people live in rural and remote areas, making it difficult to access quality eye health services. 
South East Asia South East Asia

South East Asia

Known for its rugged beauty and azure beaches, much of Southeast Asia has enjoyed a dramatic economic upturn in recent years. Despite great progress, many people are still living with avoidable blindness that’s either treatable or preventable.  
Australia Australia


Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Shamefully, this isn’t reflected in its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Access to eye health services is still limited ­– shocking when most vision loss can be corrected overnight.