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Eye health during pregnancy: 4 things to look out for

By Dr May Ho | Posted 26/02/21

During pregnancy, women’s bodies go through a lot of changes. Their eyesight may be affected as well and become slightly impaired because of changes in hormone levels. However, a woman’s vision often returns to normal once their baby is born. Here are four things to look out for during pregnancy.

4 fundraising heroes who'll inspire you

By Bronte Phillipps | Posted 24/02/21

Meet the everyday heroes who rose to the challenge 2020 presented to lend a helping hand to people impacted by the isolation and financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

Preventable blindness cost $530 billion AUD in lost employment: Lancet Global Health Commission

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 19/02/21

A new Lancet Global Health report has found preventable sight loss cost the global economy $530 billion AUD in the year 2020 due to lost employment, with the greatest cost in East Asia and South Asia. Read on for more details.

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Vision Impairment

By Dr Lila Raj Puri | Posted 18/02/21

According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), there are 217 million people in the world who suffer from moderate or severe distance vision impairment. Discover the answers to five frequently asked questions about vision impairment.

This is how you can restore sight with a Facebook fundraiser

By Matthew Perkins | Posted 17/02/21

A Facebook Fundraiser lets you call on friends to help achieve a fundraising target for a charity of your choice. This is how you can get fundraising to help restore sight...

What questions should I ask my eye doctor?

By Dr May Ho | Posted 12/02/21

It’s important to have your eyes checked regularly so that any eye problems can be detected at their earliest stage, and treatment can be given as soon as possible. Here are some questions to ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist at your next eye health appointment.

My job as a not-for-profit creative: a unique career

By Daniel Jesus Vignolli | Posted 08/02/21

Not-for-profits are known to attract program development experts, researchers, economists, and fundraising specialists. But Australia’s third sector also offers a unique career path for job seekers with a creative background. Read on to discover Daniel's experience working in the NFP sector.

The impact of restoring sight: As told by our field worker

By Aildrene Tan | Posted 02/02/21

"Seeing someone on the verge of blindness getting their sight restored is quite a special moment. Witnessing the relief and joy, and sometimes shock, that usually overcomes them is an eye-opening experience." Read on to hear more about the impact of restoring sight from our field worker Aildrene Tan

First Nations Voice to Parliament

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 29/01/21

The Fred Hollows Foundation, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, and Australia’s first Aboriginal ophthalmologist Associate, Professor Kris Rallah-Baker have joined forces to call for a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.

Fred's Ophthalmology Career

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 28/01/21

Professor Fred Hollows was a well-known ophthalmologist who believed in equal eye care for all. Fred’s medical career began in Dunedin, New Zealand before continuing his studies in England. Read on for more.

$25 can restore sight
$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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