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Types of eye health jobs: What's the difference?

By Dr May Ho | Posted 25/01/21

You may be wondering: who should I see when I have a problem with my eyes? Ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, ophthalmic or eye nurses and orthoptists are all eye health providers. Read on to discover who your eyes may be exmained by depending on where you are and what you need.

Five frequently asked questions about ophthalmology

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 21/01/21

There are 36 million people in the world who are blind, and 217 million people with visual impairments. This means that the field of ophthalmology has a vital role to play within the global health sector. Discover the answers to five frequently asked questions about ophthalmology.

Fred Hollows executives recognised in IAPB Vision Excellence Awards

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 18/01/21

The Fred Hollows Foundation’s Global Partnership Executive Virginia Sarah, and Executive Director for Global Advocacy Jennifer Gersbeck, have been recognised in the 2020 IAPB Vision Excellence Awards. Read on for more.

7 frequently asked questions about blindness

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 13/01/21

There are 36 million people in the world who are blind, but four out of five of them don’t have to be. Many people are blind because they don’t have access to eye health facilities. Discover the answers to 7 frequently asked questions about blindness.

What is micro giving?

By Latika Mani | Posted 08/01/21

You may have heard of the phrase every little bit helps. This sentiment rings true for not-for-profit organisations that rely on donations and fundraising efforts of their supporters to fulfill their mission. Read on to discover what micro giving is all about.

What is effective altruism?

By Latika Mani | Posted 17/12/20

Giving to charity is part of the Australian way of life. However, when giving to charity, the concept of effective altruism is an important philosophy to keep in mind in order to have the maximum impact. Read on to discover more about what effective altruism is and the benefits of the philosophy.

Why is philanthropy important?

By Lucinda Needham | Posted 15/12/20

Simply put, philanthropy is an act of goodwill and the desire to help your fellow human beings. When done right, philanthropy can transform a society for the better. Read on to discover more about why philanthropy is important.

9 young Australians who will inspire you: Following in Fred Hollows' footsteps

By Cameron Starkey-Gill | Posted 07/12/20

Professor Fred Hollows was an Australian legend. A humanitarian, eye health advocate, and a world-renowned ophthalmologist, Fred continues to inspire the next generation of social changemakers, even to this day. Read on to discover 9 young Australians who are following in Fred's footsteps.

What can I expect at an eye test?

By Dr May Ho | Posted 04/12/20

Wondering what happens at a routine eye test? This step-by-step guide will help you understand what to expect at an eye test from your optometrist. Read on for more.

10 ways to give to charity even on a tight budget

By Latika Mani | Posted 02/12/20

There are lots of myths about charitable giving in Australia and the most common one is that you have to be rich to support a charity. The reality is that Australians are very charitable by nature. Here are 10 ways to give to worthy causes close to your heart, even on a tight budget.

$25 can restore sight
$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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