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Latest news

Dr Kris Rallah-Baker: Australia's first Aboriginal ophthalmologist

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 12/12/19
Dr Kristopher (Kris) Rallah-Baker is Australia’s first and only Aboriginal ophthalmologist, making him a trailblazer and an inspiration throughout Australia. Read on to discover more.

Indigenous Australia Program: People and their stories

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 12/12/19
The Fred Hollows Foundation is committed to Close the Gap in Indigenous eye health so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples can exercise their right to sight. Read more about how our Indigenous Australia Program (IAP) plays an integral role in this.

3 easy ways you can teach your kids about charity

By Latika Mani | Posted 10/12/19
Teaching kids about money and financial responsibility during their formative years is an important life skill that every parent has to consider. Read on for our helpful tips.

Shaniera Akram named as Ambassador for The Fred Hollows Foundation

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 02/12/19
The Fred Hollows Foundation is delighted to announce Pakistan-based Australian social justice advocate Shaniera Akram has joined our global campaign to end avoidable blindness by signing up as an Ambassador.

10 foods that are good for your eye health

By Latika Mani | Posted 28/11/19
What we eat affects our bodies in both good and bad ways. A well-balanced diet helps boost our overall health, but there are certain foods that are eyesight enhancers… and it’s not just carrots!

Volunteer with The Fred Hollows Foundation

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 27/11/19
Volunteering at a charitable organisation is one of the most rewarding and impactful activities you can take part in. Read more.

10 eye-opening facts you didn't know about eyes

By Richard Le Mesurier & Aysha Morrison | Posted 21/11/19
Eyes. These squishy organs serve many of us every day but how much do we know about them? Peek into the complex world of eyes with 10 surprising facts.

The Trachoma Initiative: Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Partnership

By Alison Hill | Posted 07/11/19
The five-year Trachoma Initiative, funded by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, has provided antibiotic eye treatments and sight-saving operations. Read more.

7 inspiring Indigenous people who’ve had their sight restored

By Aurora Sice | Posted 06/11/19
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who need cataract surgery face challenges in accessing treatment and typically wait a year longer than other Australians before being given the care they need. Read about these inspiring individuals and their sight-restoring surgery.

10 unique fundraising ideas you'll love

By Latika Mani | Posted 15/10/19
Are you thinking of hosting a fundraising event but don’t want to ask for money outright? Here are 10 fresh fundraising ideas that you’re going to love.
$25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

Help us end avoidable blindness