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Fred Hollows General Counsel named NFP lawyer of the year

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 28/11/23

Katrin O'Sullivan, General Counsel for The Fred Hollows Foundation, has been named Not-for-Profit Lawyer of the Year in the 2023 Association of Corporate Counsel Australian Corporate Lawyer Awards.

‘Led the way': Jaki Adams honoured for outstanding contribution to NGO sector

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 09/11/23

The Fred Hollows Foundation’s Director of Social Justice and Regional Engagement Jaki Adams has been recognised for her commitment to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s eye care and health equity.

7 easy tips for parents to care for their children's eye health

By Dr May Ho | Posted 30/10/23

Eye health plays a crucial role in a child's development and overall well-being, and with a few simple habits, parents can ensure that their children have healthy eyes throughout their lives.

The Fred Hollows Foundation pays tribute to visionary philanthropist Chuck Feeney

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 23/10/23

The Fred Hollows Foundation is deeply saddened by the passing of one of its most generous and visionary supporters, Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney.

Healthy ageing: protecting and restoring vision in older age

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 11/10/23

Vision loss is impacting millions of older people worldwide and is, to a large extent, avoidable. It's time to bring the eye health and ageing sectors together to address this unmet need.

The gift of sight transformed H’nhi’s life

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 27/09/23

In central Vietnam, the dedicated team from Phu Yen Eye Hospital and The Fred Hollows Foundation have recently reunited with H'Nhi and her family. Over a decade ago, The Foundation supported H'Nhi in accessing life-changing cataract surgery. The precious gift of sight has meant the world to her.

Fred's Photographer Michael Amendolia Featured in Leading MENA Photography Magazine

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 18/09/23

Fred’s Photographer Michael Amendolia has been featured on the cover page of UAE-based magazine HIPA for its September edition. HIPA recognition to Michael included one of his iconic photograph of trachoma on the magazine’s cover.

Corporate Giving: What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

By Garu Baskaran | Posted 30/08/23

In an era where stakeholders increasingly expect companies to have a broader purpose beyond profits, corporate giving has become an essential aspect of sustainable and responsible business practices.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Philanthropy

By Angela Topping | Posted 30/08/23

Philanthropists and major donors play a very important role in helping The Fred Hollows Foundation restore sight. We depend on their generous support to create a more equitable world where no one is needlessly blind. Here are five commonly asked questions about philanthropy.

5 Signs Of Cataract To Look Out For

By Dr Lila Raj Puri | Posted 16/08/23

Recognising early signs of cataract is vital for maintaining your eye health. If you experience any unusual changes in your eye health, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist/optometrist for a thorough eye examination.

$25 can restore sight
$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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