Three year old Vann was blind from birth, with cataract in both eyes. The children around the village began calling Vann names because she was different. 
How can you explain to your daughter why the others think she's different?
- Vann's father, Barang
Like many of the 438,000 Cambodian people who are blind, all Vann needed was a 20 minute operation to fix the cataract in her eyes. Instead, she was missing out on the simple pleasures of childhood like playing outside – because it was too dangerous without sight. Her dad, Barang, was worried that Vann might never fulfil her dream of going to school because they couldn't afford the treatment for her eyes that she needed.
Then Barang heard that The Fred Hollows Foundation could help and, finally, the family felt there was hope for Vann. They travelled to the eye hospital in Phnom Penh. As they waited for Vann’s operation, Barang promised his daughter that when she could see, he’d take her to the river to help catch fish for dinner.
Thankfully, Vann’s operation was a success. Now, she can catch fish with her father, and soon, go to school. Vann’s future is looking a lot brighter.
$25 can restore sight
$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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