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These are the men, women and children whose lives have changed thanks to your generous donations.


Monica's Story

Monica is a 31-year-old single mum. Earlier this year, Monica found out something else: she had bilateral cataract. But her husband had left the family behind.

Eric's Story

Hope finds a way

Story of the Timbang family

12 cataract surgeries in one family - in one day

Shanice's Story

For a baby like Shanice, born in rural Kenya with cataract in both eyes, the stakes are especially high. She was facing an entire lifetime of permanent blindness.

Vann's story

The village kids had started teasing Vann because she was different – until a 20 minute operation changed her life.

Hao's Story

Hao and his father travelled to visit the only ophthalmologist in their province who worked in a clinic built by The Fred Hollows Foundation. It was their last hope.

Samlan and Sintham’s story

These twin boys were born blind from cataract, and without a sight saving operation, they could have been blind for life.

Trut's Story

Trut is shy, withdrawn, and completely attached to her mother. As she sits on the balcony, she squints as the harsh sun hits her cataract and causes intense pain in her left eye. Seven-year-old Trut is blind in one eye.

Story of Xiao Long

The family discovered Xiao Long had a problem with his vision when he was a baby. His father said Xiao Long would stare at objects like a light bulb for a long time. He would try to reach things but fail. Sometimes he would fall when he walked.

Cam's story

Seven-year old Cam lives with her mother Hoa and father Nhat in Vietnam. She’d been blind for four years with congenital cataract. A few years ago, Cam’s brother Quoc also had cataract, and the family spent all of their
HK$150 can restore sight HK$150 can restore sight HK$150 can restore sight HK$150 can restore sight

HK$150 can restore sight

Help us end avoidable blindness